This page should have very short intro for each club member with only first name or intials.  For thos that want it we can create a fuller profile page with pictures of their work if desired.

The Chairman - Rick, our glorious leader with an interest across numerous scales including '1', '0', and '00'.  Evidence of his work can be seen across many layouts such as the signal man's garden on Earlingham.  He also has an interest in military models so don't be surprised if an untended space on your layout spawns a pillbox.  Otherwise, a definite bias towards all things Southern, but he is kind enough not to enforce this on others.  He is also our resident electrician (by trade), wielding a soldering iron with impunity.

Secretary - Alex, otherwise known as the 'Class 66' man, and usually the first person we turn to if we have an issue with anything DCC as he is ready with a hand to help us fix issues or explain concepts.  He has a passion, or perhaps an addiction for Class 66 of all types although he prefers the smaller scales he can also be seen helping on the larger club layouts.  Due in no small part to a recent modelling requirement he has acquired a bizarre interest in UK street light regulations and road markings.

Jeff - Is one of our semi-professional modellers, who will turn his hand to all the club scales in addition to his own '0', and 'N' models.  His assistance and motivation go a long way to ensuring we get layouts ready and built on time for shows.  Of particular note recently is his 'thatched' pub under the viaduct on Earlingham

Josh - Vine line?

Martin - Dock side layout and lobbying for finescales

Nigel - Thomas and fascination with GWR through the ages

Wilkie - 

Oliver -  

Alan - 

Robert - Full scale battery powered EMU

David - 

John - Buildings on Earlingham, electronics, Edwardian GWR, and blue BR