Birch Combe

The layout is the Club's first foray into the area of finescale modelling as well as the first to be controlled by Digital Command Control (DCC). It is an imaginary station set right on the coast somewhere in the Southern region in the era of early post nationalisation of the UK railway network. It is a 16' x 2' layout with a hidden fiddle yard to the rear which provides for a scenic display along its full length to provide maximum interest to the viewer. The front of the layout  consists of sea front along most of its length with a small harbour at the right hand end. The track plan has been designed to allow for further expansion to either an external fiddle yard or an extension to the layout as part of future development.

The baseboard, set over 4 individual boards is best described as semi-open frame in construction. Baseboard framing is timber framing with plywood tops. The boards are made to the Club's standard size and leg height to allow as much interchangeability as possible as well as presenting the layout nearer to eye level for a better viewing experience as well as being at a comfortable height for the layout constructors! The semi open frame approach also provides a compromise between the lightness and strength/rigidity required of an exhibition layout.

Track is SMP with handmade copper clad points powered by slow action DCC Concepts Omega point motors. These motors will allow prototype slow changing of points together with frog polarity switching and route indication via LEDs on the control panel.