The club has two completed layouts which are both available for exhibition, additionally we have the 'Isle of Regor', a layout to allow children a hands on experience of model railways.

In construction we have two further layouts, 'The Vine Line', a DCC controlled 00 finescale layout and 'Earlingham', a DCC controlled revamp of the smaller DC layout of the same name which will feature, amongst other things, working road traffic.

We also have our 'test tracks' that currently include two ~30ft (10mtr) N gauge circuits, and two OO circuits of about the same size, all with 'corse' scale track, minimum of second radius curves to allow almost anything to be run, and no scenery.  There is also space for further circuits to allow for future expansion / interests. 

We welcome the opportunity to exhibit these layouts. If you would like to discuss inclusion of one or more of them in your Society's exhibition, please contact us using the form on our Contact Us page.